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Do you support others with behaviour change?
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Study online with renowned Behaviour Specialist Tanya Curtis and learn the Body Life Skills program: a game changer in supporting lasting behaviour change across all aspects of life.

An Introduction to the
Body Life Skills Program

Short Course Available Now!

What's in the Course?

Course duration 5-7 hours approx.

In this course you will be introduced to the founding aspects of The Body Life Skills Program.

Sixteen overarching principles are covered that support lasting behaviour change. With this foundation we explore how the body experiences life through behaviours, words, thoughts, and feelings.

We bring simplicity to commonly encountered situations, breaking them down into Fabic’s termed ‘pictures and smashed pictures’, ‘historic, current & future life’ as well as answering the question ‘who sank the boat?’

With this understanding of our body and how it responds or reacts to life, we can get an insight into what skills are required to move through unwanted behaviour to experience lasting behaviour change.

Fabic’s renowned Behaviour / Anxiety Scale and I Choose Chart are also explained in detail as empowering resources to accelerate understanding and changing our own behaviour or supporting those around us to move past unwanted behaviours.

This course is suitable for anyone with an interest in changing, or supporting someone to change unwanted behaviour in a sustainable, lasting way.

Who are our courses for?

In short... everyone!

Our behaviour change courses for Parents, Educators, Mental Health Workers, Children and Teens are delivered in simple, everyday language and provide powerful insights into the art of understanding and changing behaviour.

Parents & Guardians

Learn how to best support the children and teens in your care. While many behavioural management courses for parents tend to focus on short-term fixes in the management of behaviours we bring a focus to lasting behaviour change.

Mental Health Workers

Understand the science behind lasting behaviour change. Our behaviour support courses online can assist you to broaden your understanding of your clients and their particular behaviours.

Children & Teenagers

Simple to understand and practical to apply, Tanya's Behavioural therapy courses can support young people to feel more confident, develop and improve social skills and feel more independent and equipped as they navigate the 'classroom of life'.

Teachers & Educators

FABICs Behavioural therapy courses are perfect for educators who recognise the benefits for schools and students in integrating lasting behaviour change practices. FABIC will also soon release Autism courses for teachers online. Subscribe to learn more.

Hear what people are saying

Life Changing

KW, 29, Counsellor

The Body Life Skills program has not only supported me in the clinical application of my work but also in my personal life as a parent and as a human being. I have a much deeper understanding that I can bring to myself, my children and my clients. I can not recommend this life changing program enough.

Great Program for Schools

HB, Lismore, NSW

I studied the Body Life Skills Program to inform my work with school age children. Not only has it been brilliant to support students to make lasting behaviour change, it has also been invaluable in my own life with family and all relationships.
Thanks Tanya!

Simple steps for lasting behaviour change

JF, Brisbane

From my first introduction to the BLS program which was as an audience member watching Tanya present on the topic of anxiety, I was impressed with the whole concept, including its practical application. Embracing the program both in my own life and in my work with clients, I’ve experienced first hand how being consistent with the easy to understand steps brings about long lasting change in ingrained behaviours.

Meet Your Presenter

Your presenter Tanya Curtis brings an innate understanding and dedication to her work in the fields of behaviour change, mental health, the disability sector and Education.

Tanya Curtis's qualifications include:

• Master of Behaviour Management
• Master of Counselling
• Bachelor of Health Science (Behaviour Management)
• Associate Diploma of Education

In 2016 Tanya founded Fabic – a multi-disciplinary Behaviour Specialist Centre that brings together a highly qualified and diverse team of Behaviour Support Practitioners including Behaviour Specialists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and Psychologists as well as Behaviour Counsellors.

When Tanya's client list went to a three, then six, then twelve month wait time she realised that she had to empower others to learn her behaviour change methods and the Fabic Behavioural therapy courses were born.


  • What are behaviour management courses and how do Fabic's courses differ?

    Behaviour management courses generally focus on current incidents and the behaviours that are triggered as a result. The management of behaviour can be necessary as a short-term solution but does not provide the scope that can support a person to feel equipped when varied challenging circumstances arise in their day-to-day life. The Body Life Skills approach, developed by Tanya Curtis using an evidence-based Functional Behavioural Assessment framework, provides a foundational support to lasting behaviour change. It empowers participants to embrace the life lessons on offer to them rather than seeking relief from the anxiety associated with situations that may trigger them. It takes a pro-active rather than reactive approach.

  • What is the course format, do I have to attend live classes?

    Our courses are self-paced so you can watch the pre-recorded videos and work through the study material at your own pace.

  • How many hours of course content is there?

    Always rich in video and visual content, our courses vary in length. Our short course The Introduction to Body Life Skills program contains about 1 hour of video content and takes approximately 5-7 hours to complete, while other more comprehensive courses could have 10-20 hours worth of video content across 10-20 modules.

  • How long can I access the courses for?

    You will receive access to the course for as long as we continue to offer it. At present we plan to offer the courses indefinitely.

  • Can I purchase the course for my organisation?

    Yes, contact Fabic direct to discuss rates for organisations. Email: [email protected]

  • Is Tanya available for one-to-one sessions?

    Yes, you can visit for more information on Fabic's clinical sessions. Tanya has also brought together an amazing team who work in line with her practices including Behaviour Counsellors, Psychologists, Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists. Booking details are on the website.

  • Do your courses count towards Professional Development Points?

    Ask your individual professional body as they may be available for PDP's.

  • What if I decide this course is not for me? Can I get a refund?

    Please choose your course with consideration as we cannot offer refunds for change of mind. See the course outlines and information or see our extensive free video content to get a sense of the presentation style.

  • What are the instructors' work experience in the behavioural change field?

    All instructors hold qualifications in their respective industries and are also trained by Tanya Curtis to deliver Fabic specific courses. Instructors also complete the course themselves and receive supervision from Tanya Curtis.

See Our Upcoming Courses

Fabic Certificate of Behaviour Studies using the Body Life Skills Program

Fabic’s Behaviour studies offers a simple, practical approach to support lasting behaviour change. Suitable for professionals within the field of behaviour, education, justice, disability, mental health who are ready to truly embrace a model to support lasting behaviour change. A foundational course for all those working or assisting with behaviour change.

Fabic Certificate of Functional Behaviour Assessment (FBA)

A Practical Application

FBA has been recognised for decades internationally as an evidence-based practice for people with intellectual impairment, autism & other disability; albeit often appears a complicated process. Fabic’s Functional Behaviour Assessment support students to apply a user friendly, practical application with clients experiencing behaviour challenges.

Fabic Certificate of
Building Skills to Support Lasting Behaviour Change

Students completing Fabic’s Building Skills to Support Lasting Behaviour Change will leave with a tool box of behaviour based strategies that when be applied effectively, will support clients, colleagues, people with skills to support LASTING behaviour change.

Fabic Certificate of
Autism Studies

Autism is becoming a common word in society and many if not most people know a person with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, whether via place of employment or personal life. Fabic’s Autism Studies supports the student to gain insight and build skills to support a person with an Autism Spectrum Disorder
Fabic Certificate of Autism Studies

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