Tanya Curtis brings an innate understanding and dedication to her work in the fields of behaviour change, mental health, the disability sector and Education.

Tanya Curtis's qualifications include:

  • Master of Behaviour Management
  • Master of Counselling
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Behaviour Management)
  • Associate Diploma of Education

In 2016 Tanya founded Fabic – a multi-disciplinary Behaviour Specialist Centre that brings together a highly qualified and diverse team of Behaviour Support Practitioners including Behaviour Specialists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and Psychologists as well as Behaviour Counsellors.

When Tanya's client list went to a three, then six, then twelve month wait time she realised that she had to empower others to learn her behaviour change methods and the Fabic Behavioural therapy courses were born.

Tanya approaches each client with the understanding that behaviour is something people do and does not define who they are. Behind any behaviour is always first and foremost an awesome, amazing loveable being.

I Wonder Why?

'I wonder why?' is one of Tanya's favourite questions. Everything that happens at the level of behaviour always has a 'why?' behind it. But mostly in life people tend to focus on what the unwanted behaviour was and not why it happened. Fabic's approach is different. With a greater focus on the 'why', Fabic supports people to get underneath the incidents that happen before the behaviour presents so that people are empowered to understand 'why' and develop the skills to master their lessons in the 'school of life'.

Tanya's accessible and practical presenting style makes the complex seem simple. Seemingly insurmountable behaviours that you are looking to change, or are supporting someone else with, are deconstructed with a disarming simplicity using the Functional Behavioural Assessment methods that Tanya has developed over many years of work as a sought-after behaviour specialist.

For further information on Tanya's clinical practice please visit fabic.com.au